Epicene – new unisex event

An exciting new fashion event experience for SL is coming! This is Epicene. It’s all a unique sale all about unisex appeal. Read more here: http://www.epicenesl.com.

Our releases at this unisex event are:

Female: Vivi slingback sandals for Maitreya midfeet

Male: Liloe sandals for SLink male feet. (rigged sandals).Taxi to Epicene


Elysium at the Cosmopolitan Room

Elysium is pleased to present this gorgeous set at Cosmopolitan this round at a super price. It includes the choker, cuffs for left and right hands in gold and silver with a resizer. It’s also modifiable. Find this great set at the Cosmopolitan!

Elysium Seeks Bloggers!

Elysium Skins & Mesh Apparel seeks bloggers

We have just a few requirements for Elysium Bloggers:

1. Please feature Elysium content AT LEAST two times a month. (We like more! :))

2. Please link to our blog (https://elysiumfashion.wordpress.com) on your front page.

3. Please provide slurls for the content in each blog entry–not just ours but everyone’s–as well as slurls to events we participate in.

4. Join our Flickr group (https://www.flickr.com/groups/elysium-skins-apparel/) and friend us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Elysiumstore) if you use these social media platforms.

5. Have fun!!

We’ll be very selective about bloggers. We look for bloggers with
~ great photos that show off our products with attractive avatars,
~ a stylish blog theme and format,
~ connection to at least 3 feeds (which will be verified) and
~ at least 6 months of blogging on the blog you are applying with.
~ no music playing when the blog is opened.

If your current blog is less than 6 months old, you do not have three feeds, you have music automatically play, and you do not use SLURLs, please do not apply.

If you are selected, we will contact you. We can’t contact everyone we can’t accept due to time. Thank you for applying!

Apply HERE